Dear Diary

Dear Diary

12 chapters / 1938 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


I'm not very good at writing here, so I'm sorry! BEFORE YOU READ THIS: The diary is my characters way of talking to the one she's lost, because she can't TALK to her mum directly she uses the diary, and I called it dear diary because I wanted it to be painful for my character to even WRITE her mothers name, or even "mum" hence why I don't say it a lot in the story.
I haven't written something in the style of a diary, so I decided to go for it. I also thought it would be easier to get Julie's (the main character) feeing across better, as she deals with loss and moving on.



about 5 years ago Snow Wolf said:

Sooo after 2 months of being grounded i am finishing swaps from 2 months ago. SO sad! I loved it !


about 5 years ago Sara Kassidy said:

I really enjoyed this and I can feel the character's annoyance at everyone else and how they're kinda/sorta looking down on them. Not because their mom died but because they don't think their dad is able to care for them. Or even if it was reversed, you know? Anyway, I like the diary format of this. Makes it more personal, which I think was the way you were going for :P Nicely done!


about 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

I love this story. I can't get enough of it.


about 5 years ago Anorexic said:

this is a very deep and emotional piece, with a gret story and great writing :3



about 5 years ago 1sherri3696 said:

*Swap* This was good. I liked the way you addressed the diary as the mother, instead of talking about her. I didn't see any spelling or grammatical errors. Good work!


about 5 years ago Ida B. said:

This is really good! I'm enjoying this! I feel as though it's a story more than a diary entry in later entries and that might seem a little awkward, but overall, I don't think you should change it. I like how there's emotion but not so much emotion, like it's underlying, seeping out in bursts of anger every now and then. That's interesting and intruiging. I think you did quite well with this and are going somewhere with it. I didn't see any grammatical errors but I might be wrong. Well done!