16 chapters / 16448 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Told by Mary, a nurse in war-torn New England, history is made as the 13 colonies battle for independence.


Yeah hi delete this

over 3 years ago Lucy Gray said:

Hi! You read “The Goldfish Bowl” for me. (Thanks!) This is me returning the favor.


Second paragraph you misspell “gruesome.”

Today was a good day[:] I woke up to the sound of bugle, not fighting.

“Good morning girls[,]” Miss Lydia addressed us. (You do this a couple times)

It should read like this, in italics: 611, 612, 613…

Try to avoid using the word “was” or any of its variants.

Oh God, how embarrassing for him xD Of all the ways to get injured. A bit of a twist, since most stories like this have the guy being injured in some sort of heroic way. Love it!

I really like the concept of this story, and I’m not usually one for historical fiction even though I LOVE history. You have a few grammar errors but nothing really major. Best of luck!

- Lucy


over 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

Wow! I absolutely loved this. I only meant to read a couple of chapters, but I ended up reading the whole thing. Your MC had such a great voice, and I was rooting for her and Charlie the whole way through. I really enjoyed reading this, and it being from the point of view of a nurse made it really interesting. The only thing was, I think the fourteenth chapter was locked. Apart from that, wonderful job!


over 4 years ago Krystal Fragoso said:

Love this so far. Personally, I have always wanted to find a good historical fiction story. The last time I read one was "Chains." I can already see a romance brewing. Your word choice and descriptions were great. I could picture everything, and I found it hilarious that Charlie injured himself. So far, this is great. I wasn't able to read it all, but I'll try to come back when I can.


over 4 years ago CourtsMiKay said:

I read until chapter six and might I just say I love this! You have crafted a beautiful world of words and it's stunning. Your writing structure and word choice is very swell, too. I'll definitely come back to read more!(:


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