Twisted Lyrics

Twisted Lyrics

5 chapters / 1851 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Adommy parodies of various songs that get stuck in my head. If there's a song you want me to rework, just comment/review with the name of the song and the artist.
Lay You Down: Lay Me Down by The Dirty Heads.
Kitty Boy: Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.
Tommy Joe: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.
Replaceable: Irreplaceable by Beyonce.
Masterpiece: Masterpiece by Madonna


Writing, Romance, Poetry


Picture 6 11-47-18

about 5 years ago Melody C. said:

haha hilarious-- nice paradies :D


about 5 years ago Kira Martin said:

Wow, I like it! It was a cool idea and flowed well. You should totally sing it then have a link to it. Keep writing!


about 5 years ago A.R.L said:

This was wonderful! It was of course poetic, but it didn't seem like a forced rhyme at all. I would love to actually hear this played and sung.


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