If not a girl, a windmill

If not a girl, a windmill

1 chapter / 97 words

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Writing, Poetry


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about 3 years ago N.V. Melody said:

Wow just wow

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over 3 years ago <3Gemma<3 said:

Wow. I didn't find anything wrong with this! Very well-written. At first, I didn't understand that it was a poem, but then I saw the genres. Overall, a great piece of writing. Good job and good luck. -Gemma. And P.S. This is so great, it doesn't need a review. There's nothing to criticize!


over 3 years ago Lady Cirrus said:

Ya out did yourself this time:) Good job, J.L


over 3 years ago Emi B said:

Damn, seriously DAMN


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