The Alibi Of Ella Fee Nix

The Alibi Of Ella Fee Nix

1 chapter / 646 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Herman mildew. Yeah I knew him. Yes, I wanted him dead. Did I kill him. Nope!



about 5 years ago Snow Wolf said:

Sooo after 2 months of being grounded i am finishing swaps from 2 months ago. Cuuuute. This was a very good story. I liked it a lot.


about 5 years ago Chris Nicholson said:

I also think that the numbers at the end could just possibly be a real number for a real person. Which may not be the best idea.


about 5 years ago Chris Nicholson said:

Wow, I really liked this! The title was simple, enticing and gripping all at once. And the content of the story was just as wondrous! :) Great work!


about 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

This is a cool take on the contest prompt :) I really like the main character's voice as well as the alibi. Good luck in the contest!


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