He's Dead?

He's Dead?

1 chapter / 719 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


You really think I did, well dress me up and call me a yankee! This is so exciting



almost 5 years ago THE GOD OF CAKE said:

Ahahahaa this was funny and interesting. XD


about 5 years ago Heather Marie said:

This was amazingly funny! I loved your character-you did a great job with keeping it humorous and not boring for the reader. Good luck in the contest and thanks for swapping!!

~Heather Marie

Ball gown 2

about 5 years ago Kelley Young said:

This is phenomenal and totally funny! Great job and good luck in the contest.


about 5 years ago Tessa Lester said:

No this is for the alibi contest (proving she couldn't have killed him)


Tiny tardis!

over 4 years ago I'm nobody, who are you? said:

This was hilarious!! I just giggled and snorted my way through it! Your character was engaging and so, so funny.

My only notes would be that in the first paragraph you don't have to capitalize "ole," "butter," or "biscuits," and that throughout there should be commas setting off "no" every time you use it. But since this is written as one half of a conversation and might even be in the character's head, that last bit is really optional :D

Overall, WONDERFUL job cracking me up! I don't know if your contest is over (I guess probably...) but if it isn't then good luck!


about 5 years ago agww said:

This is so cute and funny! I love the voice your character has, I think you've done a pretty great job!