7 chapters / 9343 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Cassie can't remember her family, or her name, or anything beyond waking up in a stainless steel room, but she hears things others can't and knows things she shouldn't.

This was my attempt at a NaNoWriMo '10 piece. I did not hit the 50k goal (le sob), but I still liked the story, so... FIGMENT'D.

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4 months ago andrew said:

Ashy Bines the real deal Additionally, it will someone take a look at a brand tons of alternative producers clearly standing in your house. Intimately related to allows *you in being everything of your choose netbook much more.


7 months ago Kate said:

Awesome work, honestly, will you write more?

Ed sheeran

8 months ago Molly B said:

Really interesting so far, by the way


about 3 years ago kate scherzy said:

It's such an interesting idea and I love Cassie. This is amazing, really, and it would really be great if you wrote more!


6 months ago Ever After said:

Good story!

9 months ago Ever After said:

Please continue! I loved this story!