10 chapters / 7617 words

Approximately 38 minutes to read


**FINISHED** Angel broke up with Niall in order to start her career, but that was two years ago. Now Allie has asked Angel to come back to celebrate Zayn's birthday. Angel nervously agrees. But things aren't the way she expected them to be.... She's torn between loving the person she knew, and the person she now knows....
~Sequel to: Everything About You~



about 5 years ago LeElliea Estrada said:

i loved it! i would have loved reading a little about Claire growing up though :O


about 5 years ago Tiffany Colby said:

loved this one too loved how you guys died together happily

Everything about you cover

about 5 years ago Angel Horan said:

awww cool u r amazing ~tiffany


about 5 years ago Sarah Jane May said:

Awwwwww :) that was really sweet!!



almost 3 years ago Madison Horan said:

I loved it, but if you don't mind there is just one thing that I would fix.

When you say... "I stood up. I sighed. I walked..." I would add commas. It should be something like this. "I stood up, sighed, and I walked..."

And something that I was confused about was that at the end of the story Angel is telling about how Claire went off on her own to be a scientist. Then she says, "and Niall and I died happily in each other's arms" or something like that. I think then is when you should've gone into a third persons POV.

But other than these few minor not-so-much errors, the story all in all was amazing.