His Lucky Star

His Lucky Star

21 chapters / 47707 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


Astra Sto is an enigma; a deadly enigma with a soft spot for the Doctor. She traveled through time and space, dropping hints and forewarning to the Doctor in the hopes of averting Armageddon from happening. But even with her diligence she can’t stop D-Day from happening. With the fabric of time and space being ripped apart yet again by a force so strong it was thought to have been banished, old familiar faces starts converging on Earth; two generation of the Doctor will meet, plus old and new allies will meet along with the mysterious Astra in order to stop this apocalypse.


The new doctors

about 5 years ago Liliana Lee Lovell said:

Poor Doctor! I just finished chapter four, I must say, brilliant, absoultely brilliant!


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