The Demon Prince

The Demon Prince

1 chapter / 1781 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


On a school field-trip, Diane is saved by a captivating and equally dangerous boy in the woods, but instead of parting ways with her savior, he and his brother end up taking her to their clan, where she will be evaluated. With beguiling looks and skills in the arts, six siblings fight for a power over one another. The objective? To collect as many souls as possible. Redmen and his family are demon royalty with a number of powers and enemies Diane couldn't even imagine. On a mission to save her friends, Diane takes on the task as servant, lab rat, and even the occasional companion. She is slowly swept into a darker world, where there is little light to fight the darkness. A monster is not worthy of sympathy, but Redmen certainly has touched Diane's heart a number of times. The question is, will he take her lonely soul? Or protect it despite what he is?



almost 5 years ago Lilith Firefly said:

You probably already realize that I want you to continue this. So do it!

almost 5 years ago ☾☽ said:

Oh man, this is awesome. Please continue!


about 5 years ago Pursephone said:

Very interesting plot so far. It had a few grammar and spelling mistakes. I really hope you add to it.


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