I Know

I Know

1 chapter / 123 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Drama, Poetry


Beautiful disaster

about 5 years ago Alex Brooke said:

That was beautiful, so sad. I like how the end rhymed. Great piece:)


about 5 years ago Cassidy Petrillo said:

I would have done a review, but this was amazing!


about 5 years ago Juliet Bravo said:

The rhymes in this are fantastic, but boy is this really sad. Well done!


about 5 years ago eleneia said:

This piece is so short and sweet and beautiful! I thought the ending was really superb. There was so much emotion in the small story! Well done!



about 5 years ago Tierson Wood said:

Pretty Good. But, sad :'(, nothing needs fixing as far as I know.

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about 5 years ago Shayymin said:

Your story was brilliant! And extremely depressing and sad. (sniffle) Some of the sentences didn't flow too well, and for awhile I though it was a girlfriend, but it's a sister. I liked the descriptive words, you explained the boy's sorrow within a couple of words. I feel like you should have made the dying girl a little bit more alive, I couldn't connect with the girl. You did a good job with the boy and his sadness, I connected with him. Anyway, good job!