The Preferred Reality

The Preferred Reality

21 chapters / 51972 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


When it all goes wrong at a birthday surprise, Callum get's plunged into his own mind. And when his stay there is longer than expected he is left wondering, 'how exactly do I get back?'
((this is my first novel, would love some feedback. I am learning as I go - thanks))


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about 4 years ago The Mother said:

Finally read chapters 11 & 12. Your writing style gets better and better :))))


over 4 years ago The Mother said:

Still loving it :)


over 4 years ago Abisnail007 said:

Wow, what just happened? Its like i just steped into mr dales history lessons! :)


over 4 years ago A. Hulse said:

Hey can you read and comment on some of my poems please! Let me know if you would like anything read in return. Thanks!



about 5 years ago Emily Bruss said:

hmmmm. Very interesting short snippet of life. I didn't exactly understand why your characters were all living together or how they met but it wasn't really necessary to know there was an obvious close friendship between Callum and Pluvia. That reminds me, the names you chose were very creative but realish. They sounded like actual names unlike the ones people sometimes make up for their fantasy/fiction stories. Again why Callum needs pills is unclear but I have a feeling you did that on purpose and you made it clear enough for us to figure out he has some sort of metal thing. I love how you share this small part of the character's lives with out telling a bunch of back story or details about them. It makes the story more realistic, like a memoir instead of made up. It was a pleasure to read. -Emily