Change of Plans

Change of Plans

60 chapters / 65350 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Gwaine sees Morgana on the street and instantly is drawn to her. Morgana also feels the same way once she has met Gwaine. Time and time again they run into each other, growing closer and closer. But with all the drama in Camelot the two of them have trouble being together...

This is a rough rough draft :) I haven't even figured out the entire plot yet, I am sorta working it out as I go. But I absolutely love Eoin Macken (Gwaine) and Kate MacGrath (Morgana) together. My friend recommended that I write a story about them so here it goes...

Some videos that I feel fit nicely with the story...



about 3 years ago Scorpio Ryder said:

Wow. First, I want to say that I love your covers. I chose this story because of the happy-looking cover, and I just kinda felt like reading something uplifting. And my first thought is this is Wonderful. Just wonderful. I couldn't read the whole thing, but I can already tell from what I did read how rich and descriptive the plot and characters will become. You really do a great job with your character development. I already feel for them, and feel like I can understand them. The descriptions I thought were a nice balance, not over-bogged, but not under-done either. I enjoyed this!



almost 5 years ago Rebeca Perez said:

I was wondering if you would read and heart (if you like it)or comment on my short story "Dark Attraction."


almost 5 years ago Madison said:

I've already hearted and reacted to this so sorry if you don't get any notifications about that. This is very well written and you really draw your readers in well. You have some minor mistakes, but other than that, this was great. Nice job!


almost 5 years ago Sabrina F said:

I really like the language you used; it was very effective considering the time period you set it in. Intriguing beginning; makes the reader want to read more. Nice job!



almost 5 years ago Lavender Lynette said:

Very descriptive! I thought it was fairly well written. I read the first four chapters, and from what I read, I liked real well. It captures not only the imagination, but the minds eye as well, and that only happens when there is good imagery present. Great story so far!

Morgan and teslin

about 5 years ago Teslin said:

Hey!! Finally finished it!! This is really good! I think you did a good job with the characters, although I felt as though this was written a bit too modernish, if you know what I mean. The way they talked just sounded more 21st century rather than 12th century. It certainly didn't make it bad, but if you're trying to get the characters as close to Merlin as possible, with the obvious exception of Morgana and Gwaine falling in love, then I would maybe do some research on that time period, and just try to avoid using modern day language...

The only other thing I noticed was that it seemed very rushed. I would try to slow the pace a little bit and use more descriptions and emotions. Also maybe try not to go from one subject to another so fast, and maybe make Morgana's reactions to what Morgause says a little bit more pronounced - is she clearly angry, sad, upset, betrayed, etc?

One other thing is I'm not sure, but I think you said Morgause had blue eyes... In Merlin, she has blond, wavy hair and brown eyes. You may have been purposely going off that, but just so you know! :)

Overall this is really, really good! It certainly kept me reading, and I think you did Gwaine's sense of humor wonderfully! :)

Keep writing!!! Teslin