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over 4 years ago M.H. said:

I've read so much free verse and such lately, and the simple rhyme scheme here really was a nice change. It flowed very well and I love the idea. ^^ *not very good at critiquing poetry* Great work!


about 5 years ago Scorpio Ryder said:

That was beautifully written! Your ryhming was really good too! I liked the creativity of this poem. I felt very refreshed by it- the cover as well. This was beautiful! Excellent job! :)


about 5 years ago Keru Faye said:

Swap! I'm not much of a poetry critic, but I'll give it a try.

The rhyme scheme felt very natural, which is really hard to do. I thought the meaning was very nice as well.

One thing you can improve is the regularity of your meter. It tends to change in places that don't make much sense or leave much impact. It might be a challenge to do without sacrificing the rhyme scheme, but give it a try!


about 5 years ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Hey! I do reviews for short stories and novels, but not poetry (it's not that I don't want to, it's that I don't know how to).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the rhyme scheme that you used for this poem; it had a fairly nice flow!

I really liked this!!! Keep it up!



about 5 years ago Plagues said:

This was such a great poem, everything flowed so well, nothing felt forced at all. Not many people can write a entire poem rhyming, but you did just that. I'll be sure to read your other stuff! Cheers! Yours In Eternity, -Plagues

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about 5 years ago Shayymin said:

I really love your poem; wonderful job!

I thought that towards the end, the rhyming makes it sound odd, sort of like it's forced.

Other than that, I loved it. I loved the symbolism, and I usually loved the rhyming, and I think that you could actually become a poet!

Good job! :)