The Classroom Nerd's Poem Collection

The Classroom Nerd's Poem Collection

26 chapters / 3095 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


A short collection of poems of all sorts and types. I wrote these in school and I hope you like it.


Writing, Drama, Poetry


Bisexual sobbing

over 5 years ago regret said:

Is the new poem about anyone in particular, hmm?

Doctor 11 i regret nothing

almost 6 years ago Nameless Nerd (Madeline) said:

It's not depressing! Wait until you read the one I'm about to publish. =D

Bisexual sobbing

almost 6 years ago regret said:

I feel like I'm the only one commenting on this. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO COME READ YOUR DEPRESSING POETRY, MADDY!!!

Even if it is bad for your health... ;D

Bisexual sobbing

over 6 years ago regret said:

Aww... I love your poem for Trevor! Also, the last one (Nightmares) is haunting, yet beautiful. Great job!



almost 7 years ago Luke said:

I can tell you like to give structure to your poetry, try writing a sonnet, it is an emotional structure that is difficult but often proves to produce an exemplerary piece out of no where sonnets for dummies: my page: