Feathers To Guard You

Feathers To Guard You

1 chapter / 150 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Flash Fiction: Dreamcatchers are to protect you from nightmares.
---Playlist: Keep Running Kid - Talain Rayne



about 5 years ago cazilly said:

This story has nice vocabulary and is well written. I also like the name Luke Good job :)


about 5 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

This is really interesting, and I love the idea behind it. The imagery of the nightmares ripping at the dreamcatcher was awesome, and you did a great job, as Lucy said, of telling an actual story with a plot in so few words and not having it seem rushed. I have no real critiques for this. Great work :)

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about 5 years ago Nicole Jones said:

Love this story.Has great descriptions and you wrote it perfectly great job



about 5 years ago Lucy Marie said:

I loved this so much! For 150 words, it's amazing how much you have put into this without making this feel rushed. I love how much tone and atmosphere you got into this with the words you used. I could feel the creepiness and eeriness really well and I was so captivated! Honestly, I couldn't suggest a single thing to improve this. Oh, actually, I'm lying, I could... EXPAND THIS. LIKE NOW! I don't know how you can, but I'd just love to read more. You're writing is just great and every word and sentence just flows off another. True excellence. :)