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{SHORT-STORY} Second place in the Endangered Contest.

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over 3 years ago Sammi L. said:

Your ability to create anticipation is incredible, and the way you describe everything is so vivid, yet the narration seems passive in some places, like the mc's cut off emotion. This is excellent.


over 4 years ago Halie Lecours said:

Loved it.... for the swap please read "When Your Unable To Speak"

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over 4 years ago Polaris said:

You imagery was really wonderful and wow! This was amazing good job!


over 4 years ago Alexander J. Homeweather said:

Wow. Well that was one heck of a short story to put it mildly. XD Of course your imagery was impeccable. I love Sea World so I think I would have rather gone to Sea World too. haha Although any time I've been in Florida with my family I would say we should go to like Gator World. But we never did. But yeah, it starts off like okay we know something bad happened, then as things progressed the thought of what probably happened started flooding in. Then BAM! It happens and boy does it happen. Literary perfection.



over 4 years ago Todd Hewitt said:

Wow. Just wow wow wow wow wow. Gosh, I couldn't catch my bretha at all throughout the whole story. It's just incredible! Gosh I wish I could just heart it a hundred times over. I think this is one of the best stories I've read on Figment. I am utterly speechless. I can't think of anything to say.


over 4 years ago Danny said:

Opps I meant to say you should add the word 'time' to the sentence 'Yesterday was the last (time) I ate.'