Tim's Shiner

Tim's Shiner

1 chapter / 50 words

Approximately less than 20 seconds to read


When her best friend Tim shows up on her doorstep with a black eye, Katie McCabe teases him for being a klutz, until she learns the horrifying truth.

Tim's Shiner is a chapter in the collection of stories called, Diary of a Misfit, a companion book to the award-winning Misfit McCabe series.



about 5 years ago Becka Paula said:

i don't have anything negative to say about this. it's well-written and besides maybe a word here there that i would edit, the story was was well-crafted and polished. being a little older than the average figgie, i didn't speak to me much, but i think your intended audience would really love this story. great work and thanks for the feedback on mine.


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