Gone Forever?

Gone Forever?

5 chapters / 1434 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


**Awesome cover made by Bailey!***
Abbey's brother went missing 10 years ago. She thought he was gone forever, until she recently received clues. Also, if you enjoy this, please read trapped, you might enjoy it also. :)


Action, Suspense, Mystery



over 4 years ago Sophia Fatima said:

Wow. Just wow. You have certainly put a lot of suspense in this story and I am just so intrigued. You NEED NEED NEED to write more..you left me at a cliffhanger!!!!!


over 4 years ago Lucy Marie said:

Great new addition! This is going in a really great direction. :) Keep writing.

Love gl

over 4 years ago GL said:

Thanks so much for telling me! Wow I was really surprised and I can't believe you ended it like that ughhh hahah! Please tell me when you write more :) thx


over 4 years ago Jezєвєℓ Katerina said:

As I said 4 months ago: WHY?!?!?!? (Smiles) this is soooo good! You must write more!!!



over 4 years ago Sophia Fatima said:

Okay, you made a very gripping, exciting story. It is very suspenseful and certainly had an excellent introduction that was very hooking and gripping. Here are a few things though, that I think would make it better or some things I found were incorrect:

*latitude -perhaps you could include more vivid and detailed descriptions that could make us feel more, INTO the story, if you know what I mean. Remember the five senses and show not tell? -You could maybe use stronger verbs

And that's all I have to say!! You NEED to keep writing you left me at a part where I was starting to really be hooked, um could I say CLIFFHANGER!!!!! GREAT JOB!! :D


about 5 years ago Jezєвєℓ Katerina said:

AHHHHHH! Why did the story stop when it was getting good?! Please write more! No spelling errors that I could see, or grammatical errors...so please write more!!!