Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye

2 chapters / 1097 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE HEART!!!! In school everyone learns about Affinity's. The magic between a person and nature. Kathy is about to go to bed one night when she hears a cry in the woods. She goes outside to investigate and encounters a huge mountain lion. Is this Kathy's Affinity?



about 4 years ago Harriet said:

This was a very cool idea, but I think it needs more detail. And please, please, make it longer! I want to see what happens next! I think that this is a good start to what could become the adventure of a life time!

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over 4 years ago Coza Summer said:

I too, wish you had written more, and the one thig i noticed was she didn't have a scene of denial. If she was so curious about affinities, shouldn't she have had several paragraphs defining her emotion towards finding she had one? I like how it was written though, and i would be estatic if you would read my either of my stories "Absolute Zero," or "Mind Break," (sorry if they are a bit long) Thnx.


almost 5 years ago Greencat27✞ said:

I love this book. I just wish you had written more.


almost 5 years ago Xanzi said:

I have finally come to a conclusion after reading 70% of your works. Sometimes, you miss very, very small punctuation points. Every now and then you'll miss a comma, but I'm so into I can barely tell. Very few times do I read ill spelling, where you are one letter off or one word off, instead of some people who say "I took a peace of candy from the tray", you are the person who does this "I took a piece of candy from tray." I do that too. Just its the only thing I suggest you work on for when you do major writings. Your writings are otherwise flawless and packed with detail and emotion.



about 5 years ago StayStrong_16 said:

This is an AMAZING story. It gets into vivid detail and brings the pounce of the cat very unexpectadly making u feel an inch close to jumping up like a horror movie kind of. The descriptions in the story such as the furniture, the weather, the details in the classroom and etc.. made me feel like I was totally in the story. You write like a true author and u'll most likely become a famous writer like mary downing hahn or margaret petterson haddix ( u write in their kind of style)! I am so glad you got in!! Never knew you were so talented in writing!!!!


about 5 years ago Andrea Smile said:

This is amazing! The concept is great, your descriptions are pretty good, at sometimes they seem a little off track and rushed, but mostly good. And when someone is thinking, you don't need the apostrophe's (') if you italazice what they are thinking. You are missing some commas in a few places, but I love the name Kambala, definitely suits the mountain lion in a strange, mystical way. :) this is just great! Can't wait to read more! :)