The Cave

The Cave

3 chapters / 838 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


There is a society that is so isolated that once you are in, you can never escape. No one is allowed to talk to the "out siders" It is a sanctuary for them, but their government is getting out of control. This is one girls story of how she breaks through the barrier.(P.S. I got this AWESOME cover from Abbey Maloney, go to her for the best covers ever!!!)



about 5 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

your. details... AHHH I LOVE THIS. As a reader I really crave good, strong details that aren't too overbearing and aren't lacking and you found the right mix and seriously this made me shiver. I SHIVERED. This was really well written :D


about 5 years ago Shawnee Rose said:

Wonderful story. The prologe definitely captured my attention. It was short but did exactly what it was supposed to. I hope you plan on adding more soon.


about 5 years ago Julia said:

I really like how you put so much symbolism in this story, especially the ring =]

the ring=her power

Write more!

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about 5 years ago Merce said:

This was really good please write more! :]



about 5 years ago Lorelei Reeves said:

I loved this! Very creative and smart. However here a few things I suggest fixing: "It would be the death for me. Literally" i suggest not putting in the 'literally' part. It makes it seem a bit choppy and isn't really needed, since the paragraph was going wonderfully before that. Also: "The Travelors" should probably be called "The Travelers". Just a few things, but overall, good job!


about 5 years ago Kirstin Reine said:

I really love this!:) I love all of the amazing details and descriptions you had at the beginning! I could really feel the emotions, and I understood the setting:) Good job on that! I found only one thing wrong: you forgot some commas in some places. Other than that, I really loved this, good job, and keep writing!:)