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(Cover by Hadley Ride)------- This is just something I felt like writing. Hope you like!



about 5 years ago Carleigh Campbell said:

Dude, this is awesome! Reminds me of the Hunger games. Keep writing! :):):):)

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about 5 years ago GMG said:

I completely agree with Fosset Angel...this is so great and it deserves a follow. The imagery was vivid and it felt realistic. Great job and I hope to see more!


about 5 years ago Rain Dusk said:

Wow! This is a short story... but I want more! You left me on such a cliff..... I need more! Tell me more! Write this more!

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about 5 years ago Midnight Kiss said:

OMG! Please continue this, maybe it was all just a dream or maybe more of it is uncovered when he wakes up in the hospital??!! Maybe? Also, I really think you should add some to the beginning of this maybe create a back story for it and give us some character detail? That would be awesome! I really hope you decide to add to this story, it's very enthralling and has so much potential and can really become something more with a little more depth added. I'm glad I found your profile and stopped by to read this :)


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