I Want One Direction

 I Want One Direction

1 chapter / 247 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


PLEASE give this a heart! When going to a 1D concert, something amazing happens when they sing the song "I Want." I really wish I could make it longer and add more details, but it can only be 250 words. *sigh* Thanks so much for reading! :)



about 5 years ago Rebekah Hayashi said:

I hearted it for you:] Thanks so much for reading my story! Your version is very good, I would only suggest that you watch out for some small grammar errors. For example, when you give a thought as dialogue, you still need a comma before "I thought."


about 5 years ago Dr. Cable said:

I loved this!! I wish I was your MC. I would die, though, I couldn't stay calm lol. Great job!! :)


about 5 years ago Michaela Mulgrew said:

I enjoyed it! Please read mine and heart it thanks


about 5 years ago Abby Hill said:

Considering the word limit, this was great! It was well written, and had a very happy ending.. I wish you the best of luck in the contest! :)


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