Backstage Pass.

Backstage Pass.

1 chapter / 250 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


** 250 word max! **
For the OneDirection Fanfic contest! Please read and heart it! Thanks




about 5 years ago Taylor Renee said:

well i know it is for a contest but when the contest is over you should continue this. it was wonderful and a really good idea. i loved the way you wrote it and all. GOOD LUCK!! :)


about 5 years ago Tamera May said:

Good luck on your contest! This was cool.


about 5 years ago Robin Navi said:

I'm not a directioner and can't say I share the same sentiments toward the band but...that was very cute. I don't know the third song...maybe I'll go listen to it and see if it changes my mind ;) Well done :D -Symphony


about 5 years ago AmazingLittleMeh said:

Oh gosh Emmily is so lucky I am a 1D fan and Im in LUV with Haza and i would luv to hang out with him!!!!!!



about 5 years ago T. M. Wolfe said:

I don't like One Direction, but this is still really cute. Very sweet, a little cliche`, but in that adorable cliche` way. Good descriptions and voice of a crazed fangirl (my friend is obsessed with this band, so I immediately thought of her). Good job and thank you for swapping! (:


about 5 years ago maria-chan said:

This is one of the cuter entries I've read thus far :3 bravo.

The MC's subtle noticing Harry's stare is hilarious and gives a parallel structure to the story :) I giggled very hard XD. I couldn't really see any mistakes that other people haven't already pointed out, so I suggest just reading your story over to find mistakes and to find even stronger verbs to drive your feelings home :] good job!