The Lightcatcher

The Lightcatcher

127 chapters / 85585 words

Approximately about 7 hours to read


**A reader's pick for Top 2013 Stories!** A girl with salt in her blood. A boy who has something she wants most of all. Bruises on pale skin. A lightcatcher, a starwatcher, a nicklegrinder, and thief. Sentinel balloons reaching high up into the clouds. Books on aerial navigation, a rusty bicycle without brakes, a war without a cause, and a love that thrives off the salty sea.
*Note: This is a novel-in-progress and a draft. The Lightcatcher Pinterest Board Read blog posts regarding this HERE and discover quotes, pictures, and summaries for this novel.


Action, Adventure, Novel
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over 2 years ago Allison O'Donnell said:

Please finish this! Me and my sister love it and want and ending so bad!

Me 1963

over 2 years ago Linda D said:

Now you have me intrigued with how Sid got there, and more importantly, does he have a way off and know where he is to get back to their home town?

Pg 124 – the sand I could (do?) without


about 3 years ago Ninja Reader Aerin said:

anyone can make me laugh. The best books make me cry as well. you made me cry.

I want this book. Finished. on my bookshelf. now.

Your command of the English language is stunning. Reading this book over last night and a tiny bit of this morning, I had to pause and marvel over your gorgeous little phrases, the way you paint a scene in my head with such exquisite crystal clarity. You took my breath away.

Fin is real. I'm entirely convinced she is living out her life on a coast somewhere. Her emotions are real, her thoughts are have created such an intricately layered character that she breathes life. Lark.....AGH. he is also real. and infuriating and wonderful, and simply.....I'm speechless. Brit complements him beautifully, while still being his own lovable self. All the rest of your characters are painted with such clarity, so beautifully, I just want to sit here and read forever.

Basically, I just found this book, I'm in love, and you NEED to write. This deserves a shot at being published. FINISH AND QUERY. the world needs more beautiful books like this one. I will be one of the first to procure a copy for my shelf to read over and over again.


over 3 years ago Elizabeth said:

You are utterly forgiven. I haven't updated in months, and I don't even have college as an excuse (just high school).

In other news, YAYAYAYAYAY INTERESTING THINGS HAPPENING! I'm excited to meet this "Sid Brooks" guy :)



over 2 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

Gaahhhhh you're gone for so long and then you leave me with more questions than answers! Why, Jackie, why?!

But I loved these new chapters, Your description is always over the top amazing. And what's with Lark (I forgot how awesome his name was) and Fin? I thought they were kind of a thing... Or maybe I imagined that...

And who is Sid Brooks? So many questions!! Ughhhh

Me 1963

almost 4 years ago Linda D said:

Pg 117 - My stomach (felt) full. (Warmth hugged me) for the time being, and it was (I’ll let you have that one) perhaps the best…

Lark McCarthy (remained) silent as he ate.

Brit…His tone (sounded) serious

My breath (raked) short

I (felt) somewhat shaky.

The cloud cover (hung) low and thick

The water (tasted) ice cold

Question - if she has the gauze, wouldn’t it have protected at least that hand from becoming grazed – perhaps the gauze would be somewhat shredded??

Good build-up of the stakes and that subtle reminder of the passing time – well done.

Pg 118 – the cut from the glass still remained, but

My face (felt) numb

Snow (started) falling

Somehow the thought of Fin contemplating stabbing an attacker took me by surprise. Her pragmatic assessment of knife sizes and the usefulness of them made me chuckle.

Pg 119 – stock of wood (dwindled) dangerously low

It (seemed) pointless having

Pg 120 – I think there’s more than just frustration behind those tempers. I think’s there’s rivalry.

Pg 121 his voice (grated) bitter and sarcastic

I (stood) white-faced

Pg 122 – my face (blazed/glared) livid.

Hands clenched in (my) pockets – sorry I did a double take, as I envisioned Fin with her hands in “their” (Lark and Brit’s ) pockets.

Brit (sat) hunched

Well, Brit looks at it as blowing off steam, but will Lark? And good for you, Fin, putting your foot down, or better, getting your slap across.

Keep going, you're doing great here.