A promise to burn!

A promise to burn!

1 chapter / 432 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


You're just another promise to burn


Writing, Romance, Poetry



about 4 years ago ARE said:

I'll keep it simple, I love it!!!


about 5 years ago Rosa Avila said:

This was amazing! I love it!


about 5 years ago Maire Dei said:

wow, this is pretty amazing! Love the rhymes, the message that fit so perfectly in it and how smooth it sounded. Love it!

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about 5 years ago Grayson Lynn said:

I loved your poetry! Thanks for the swap!



about 5 years ago The Dark of Night said:

it's good. i like the fact that your poems rhymes and i epicially love the first line where it sounds like you were quoting hamlet(i think) when he said to be or not to be, that is the question, and you changed it to: to love or not to love, that is the question.


about 5 years ago Bailey Hohm said:

I love this! I loved how you were able to rhyme without making it sound cheesy or like you tried too hard to find a rhyme (my one possible objection to this is "lunch"). It was also wonderful because I felt compelled to read it twice to get more meaning. It is complex and full of emotion as well as having language that is light and airy instead of heavy. Well done!