We love you the way you are!

We love you the way you are!

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Love yourself because your friends love you!


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almost 7 years ago Kat Burkepile said:

I love the poem! Very true. That's pretty much how I would describe friend, someone who excepts you the way you are. Keep writing! :)


almost 7 years ago Neve Holmlund said:

Wow I liked it. I think if you put some more background and detail into it it would be great!

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almost 7 years ago Celestine Co said:

Typo: When you know they are wrong. Anyways, nice job!


almost 7 years ago Megan said:

I can write some too! What's a message box though?



almost 7 years ago Sam Was Here said:

It has a stong meaning and a message that affects a lot of beautiful young women. Keep writing these kind of stories.


almost 7 years ago Kole DeWinter said:

I've had the awful liberty of being the go to guy for each and everyone of my friends of both genders, so i know how difficult it is to get that message across. You've done an excellent job of the conveyance of feeling and message, keep up the good work!