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[Contemporary Fiction Novel: WIP] Many threads woven together to join one fate that has ordained by God. Alessandra Colombo has been thrust into a world she'd only read about in history books, and now, because of a chance meeting with a cunning mob boss, must uncover the secrets of her family's past. Gaining a rare insight into mafia life, Les begins to realize the truth of the statement "once you're in, you never get out." And when she is thrown into an upheaval between the Russo and Conti, Les struggles to solve the puzzles of her own past and the mysteries of her fragmented future. Will she be able to retain her morals and cling to hope in her battle for escape, or will she slip into the darkness that was all too willing to take her parents? Can she safe the shreds of a family she never knew or was she really never meant to be?


Action, Adventure, Novel


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over 2 years ago ~DreamCatcher~ said:

It's very interesting. I can see lots of possible plot twists in this story. And I love that. It's very well written. You should continue it.


about 5 years ago ElenaGrace said:

I like how mysterious you made it all feel as it definitely made me want to read more! However I did have to reread some parts because it was a little confusing. I thought you created a tense atmosphere really well plus your characters were very interesting and clearly defined. Well done :)


about 5 years ago Tori Bowers said:

I Love the new cover! :D


about 5 years ago Calypso Kaden said:

This is really nice! I like the mood of the story. The whole mysterious theme.



almost 5 years ago Ambre Demme said:

The prologue was very well written, you gave the whole story a mysterious feel to it, and made it very suspenseful. It kept the reader interested and a bit afraid. :) The only things I would do differently is giving your main character a bit more back round and giving the reader more insight into her thoughts. What is it like for Les to be in the Mafia? How does she feel? How is she going to develop a story worthy enough to cover up what she now does? Other than that, it was a captivating piece of work and I believe it would do well adding these few things. (If you and the people who helped you want to) Best Wishes -Ambre


about 5 years ago Riley Maleau said:

Interesting, but some of the ideas are distracting and don't follow. The prologue makes it difficult to get into the first chapter. And the quotes do NOT need their own chapters, especially since my laptop is slow and takes forever to switch between chapters. However, it's pretty well written, and I hope you'll add more to make a full novel. Keep writing! Riley M. Royal