Dying Breath

Dying Breath

1 chapter / 1165 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Thank you, Mira Lamb for the awesome cover! Bryce is an ordinary teenage boy with a happy life, until his sister Sarah gets murdered. He starts risking his life by doing dumb stunts, anything to get closer to Sarah. And when he's in Midnight Woods, a haunted forest, he swears that he sees Sarah's ghost. What will happen to him?



almost 5 years ago Heather Marie said:

Wow. This was amazing! The idea was really unique, and I could understand how the main character felt closer to his sister when he was doing something thrilling. The story was really well-written and had an unexpected ending, and I liked the way you incorporated the '1,2' song towards the end. Keep up the great work!! (I sincerely apologize, this is an extremely late return swap, so sorry!!)

~Heather Marie


about 5 years ago Jessica said:

Wow this was amazing! Thank you so much for swapping!


about 5 years ago Jessica Roberts said:

Really bitter sweet and chilling. I really enjoyed it. :)


about 5 years ago Laura said:

bitter sweet and chilling...thats what I was thinking the whole time.

Amazing work ~Laura :)



about 5 years ago Queen.Chaos said:

This was very chilling and interesting. Extra props for the sister being named Sarah (that is my real name). I love the reference to Elm Street and the song that Sarah sings reminds me of the song "1,2 he's coming for you. 3,4 better lock your door. 5,6 grab a crucifix....etc." The ending was unexpected. Nice touch. Overall you did a good job :)


about 5 years ago Ariel T. Hawkinz said:

it was cute i mean some things could be better but it was good try to make better descriptions good plot