What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been

1 chapter / 1194 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


© 2013 [Second place in the Lost Prince Contest] What would happen if you could see what might have been?

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over 4 years ago Gloria Rudzinski said:

This story hooked me right away, and has a beautifully written intro. I felt as if I was really there with Thomas. This story was also capped with a great ending, very bitter, but very real. Well done.

Tempest figgy

over 4 years ago Tempest said:

Oh my gosh. This was so intensely sad, but beautiful at the same time. I love the idea of this man being able to see what might have happened.

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over 4 years ago Hillary Holloway said:

This is very well-written and the quote at the beginning is perfect. I like that you showed that knowing what might have been could be worse than not knowing.


almost 5 years ago Lauren Calista said:

Wow. This was amazing! I love the way you write and the story you told was just beautiful. :)


Emo angel

almost 5 years ago Kila said:

A very interesting and melancholy yet almost hopeful story.

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almost 5 years ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:

This is so sophisticated and the idea of it is very unique and creative!! I have never read anything like this before! I am just a little confused about why the WMHB for Thomas was after Tiffany died. Maybe you could change it to right as the car is about to crash into the passenger's side? But, other than that, this was amazing and so so so so good!!!!!