The Locket

The Locket

4 chapters / 1746 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


POETRY!! FAVORITE!! Cover by Constance D'artangnan!! A cursed locket that holds many secrets...


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over 4 years ago Georgia Cline said:

I went to read the 4th chapter, but it was locked. Nooooo! ;)

You have written this wonderfully. I really like he she dreamt that she was the one saving Anastasia. You gave a fantastically intriguing background to this locket-- Keep going!


almost 5 years ago Natalie Cooke said:

One word: Woah! Holy cow! (That's three I know, 5 counting "one word" but whatever)


almost 6 years ago A.J. Hanscom said:

Your poetry was . . . amazing! This siteis seriously helping with my poetry cravings. yours' is awesome!

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about 5 years ago Behind Sapphire Eyes said:

I have an obsession with the name Anastasia, but I rarely ever use it. xD Anyways, I loved! Great job! Your piece should've won and not mine.



over 4 years ago s.oppenheim said:

wow. i really loved this. it was intriguing, well-structured, and beautifully written.

i am not really sure how to critique poetry because it is such a unique genre but i can try.

'The palace began burning in every room'- something just didn't seem right to me there so i thought i might bring it to your attention.

'slain'- i would use a different word. slain reminds me of swords and they had been shot.

that's all pretty much. but i loved it. those BANGS gave me the shivers. keep writing!


about 5 years ago Luke Kingsmen said:

Very cool! (sorry I didn't review. XD)

Anyways, I can totally see why it's your favorite. I think it's the best poem I've read on Figment!

Great job and keep it up!

- Luke