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My Journal

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Well, I have to have a journal for my Creative Writing class, I am. The cover picture is a picture of me, since it is, after all, my journal lol. That's my senior picture :) Anyway, read into my mind if you want. Maybe there'll be something you can relate to; you never know.



over 4 years ago NotAnna said:

Oh my gosh, congratulations on your relationship! :) I'm so excited because I've actually been rooting for this, like, forever.


over 4 years ago Gabriella C.G. said:

More! :OOOO


over 5 years ago NotAnna said:

It certainly has been awhile, DJ. I'm going to boarding school this year, and I hope I find a friend like Jade!


over 5 years ago Brooke F said:

Wow. I have only read the first 3 chapters, but this is so amazing! Its like we get a sneak peek at the real you, without leaving our house. (O say that in a entirely not creepy way, I swear.) I really related to how you felt about writing, and how your charecters where your stories. I was actually thinking a couple days ago, if my house was on fire, would I save my writing, or my childhood stuffed animal i have had forever? I chose the writing because it is like one of those pictures of yourself over the years of your life. It symbolizes everything I am. not a stuffed animal that i just hang on to for the past. Anyway, with all i have written i should just go write my own journal. i can't wait to keep reading your journal! best of luck.


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about 6 years ago Ayesha Granger Farid said:

lololol you're like my bestest friend who i've never met in my entire life. :P HAHAHAHHAA. oh, and CASTLE STARTS IN TWO DAYYYSSS!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! oh, and are you updating on luke and sadie sometime soon? I've been addicted, and you know how drug-addicts are when they don't get their drug....or whatever........ XP Anyways, college sounds scary. I dunno why. Maybe 'cause i'm still a baby. ;P HEEHEEHEE. Oh, and GUESS WHAT?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? CHICKEN BUTT!!!!! sorry. I always say that :P LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. BYE, DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

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about 6 years ago Rowan said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS!!! PLEASE!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Okay, now that that's out of the way, the actual stuff in the review worth reading. I know you don't always mean to be, but girl you are HILARIOUS!! Not to mention, opinionated, original, and an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING WRITER!!! I'm so sorry your parents don't appreciate what an amazing gift you have, and I swear if you give it up, (an impossibility I know), bad things will most definitely happen. You really remind me of a favorite friend I have who is an really great writer and poet as well. I love her because unlike so many teens now, she cares about meaningful subjects, and is never afraid to voice an opinion. She knows what she believes in, where she stands, and will defend it with everything she has. I really admire that, and you seem to be the same way. But long story short, Love it, love your writing, and best of luck!!! p.s. I get addicted to stuff really fast too! One glee episode was all it took! :) P.p.s. Totaly agree with everything so say on all those teenage issues, shallowness, drugs, bad boyfriends, and self respect!!! And stick with your high standards!! You're on the right side of the argument on that one!!! Thanks for the great read!!