Let it Rayne

Let it Rayne

4 chapters / 9512 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Nearly two years ago, Rayne Correll lost her father in a tragic car accident. Since then, she hasn't spoken to anyone besides her mother and dog Lady. As the two year anniversary of her fathers death (which happens to be her 18th birthday) approaches, she must come to terms with the tragedy and learn how to let the boy she has fallen in love with in her life. But when a horrible secret comes out, will Rayne be able to move on? (I am showing the first 3 chapters because I am publishing this book :D I hope you are intrigued enough to buy it lol)


Drama, Romance, Novel



over 5 years ago Lucy Myst said:

I looovvveee this!

Me and ginna

over 6 years ago Jordan Marie said:

I'm a new reader, but I just loved this story. It's fabulous. :)

Evelyn 2

over 6 years ago Evelyn Wagner said:

That was really good!


over 6 years ago Rosie McGrath said:

I have read nearly all of your books. And I LOVE the all!!! So is this book going to be in stores? In Ireland? I hope it is cause I'm definatly gonna buy it!



almost 6 years ago Sabrina said:

Just reread this story, and it was almost better than the first time I read it. I love Rayne's character, and the way she expresses herself to the outside world. And the way you described Rob, I think I would be swooning over him too. Great job, and please keep going with it! I need to read more!


over 6 years ago Julianna said:

Wow! This story is awesome. I love your writing style and how you make everything seem so real and life-like.

The only negative thing is that there are some prominent grammar mistakes that distract the reader from the amazing story. You often type "me" instead of "my," for instance. Doing another edit before you publish would take care of this.

But really, I just love this. Keep writing; you have a new fan :)