Obtaining Lucidity

Obtaining Lucidity

2 chapters / 8335 words

Approximately 42 minutes to read


In the September of the year they turn 17 it is compulsory for every student on the border line of adulthood, to go to a mysterious island off the coast of Cobh. Everyone knows about it, yet no one is allowed to talk about it. Once there, they will learn gruelling tasks on how to defend themselves; either through physical fighting, or gain the ability to lucid dream. However, should they step out of line or do the unheard of and fail the end of year test it may result in severe consequences...
It is the year 2056, and Ireland is a very different place.
For Cassie Brady, this is a chance for escape having been living in her parents’ old fashioned ways all her life; now she must venture out into a world she is not familiar with on her own and figure out what kind of a person she really is. With the help of her new friends, and a mysteriously aloof and intriguing boy, can she do just that?
This is a novel, and the first of what will hopefully be a trilogy, though I don't have all the chapters up here. Hope you enjoy :)


Romance, Dystopian, Novel
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over 3 years ago Kelsey Happer said:

Wasn't this story previously finished and published on figment? I was just wondering because I loved it and wanted to re-read it.


over 3 years ago Ida Karolina Scot said:

This is an incredbily intersting story! I loved it. I'm not sure which I prefer, though, Tarnished reflections or this, but this is surely one of the best stories I have read in a while. I love how differenet form everyone Cassie is. It is cute and makes a lot of sense. I am curious, however, to how the world works in the story. There was a lot of things children are not allowed to ask, which makes me even more curious. I would love to hear more about that, but I hope it will be in the following chapters. Overall, this is a great story worth following!


11377218_818265911603552_418669797284507027_n kat-circa

over 3 years ago Katherine Brown said:

Hey Lorelle, Here I am as promised. So, nice job framing the direction you intend the story to go by introducing to your audience the members of this family both as they are and as they appear to be through the lens and filter of Cassie's eyes. You have done a great job using descriptive language to give your reader and accurate sense of their surroundings as well as a sense of the social/economic dynamic going on. Especially in regards to her parents Elizabethan ideology. Ish...I do think you have a few glaring things that need to be addressed. First, though the story is good as a reader I have absolutely no idea why this society needs a school that trains their children in the arts of mental and physical defense. Clearly there is a reason, but to this point it is unclear what that reason it. Second, I think you need to be a little cautious as to how many similarities there are to your work and others. As I read chapter two I felt like it was a convergence of (Divergent meets, Harry Potter, meets Hunger Games) ie...Divergent (mentle/physical training-family visiting day, all sleeping in one room the first night-Dauntless) Harry Potter(a ball, luggage delivered to their room) Hunger Games (odds be in your favor) This last one is much less obvious, but make sure this piece remains authentically yours.

Overall a wonderful read and I would like to know what they are in for so I'll likely revisit as you move forward. As to which of the pieces I like better, this or your Tarnished piece. I like them both on their own merits. Keep developing them both and may the best story win!

Best Kat


over 3 years ago H.Dee said:

Very well written. the story tricked me in the beginning thinking it was during the early ages but then I realized it was in the present. It kept me going. AWESOME! :)