Tolden James: The Unusual Diaries

Tolden James:  The Unusual Diaries

5 chapters / 7356 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


Tolden James typically thinks of herself as a quirky outcast, though after reluctantly attending a graduation party, she comes to find a different side of herself as she spends the night with an unlikely group of girls. With Tolden discovering this new revelation about herself, she'll come to find that her future wasn't going to pan out exactly the way she'd planned.


Writing, Comedy, Urban



about 5 years ago Ashley pissain said:

Stupid Nicholas with his "Not bad". This was sooooo much better than that! You gave a lot of background, great job!You perfectly described everything! And how Gavin in her landlord? Purely surprising. The chapter titles are amazing! i can't want for chapter five! I found two grammar errors! One were you said "in" instead of "is". And something else that I cannot even remember. I want her to meet a nice perfect guy! Tell me when chap.5 comes out!


about 5 years ago Nic Kuzzy said:

Not bad. A little dry at point but the characters were cool. Don't feel like there's a serious direction yet. Keep working.


about 5 years ago Cindy Hale said:

This was a great read! Thanks for asking me to come see it! I liked Tolden a lot. I loved the excitement of her getting her first place, and going on a date with her creepy landlord. What fun! I was a pretty confused when they were doing the secret shopper thing. I think that chapter could use some clarification.

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about 5 years ago Ryann Ravenwood said:

So far, this is an amazing read! I will be reading the rest as soon as I can!



over 4 years ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

Once again. Fantastic characterization! I loved your beginnings and how you seemingly effortlessly bring the reader into your story. The dialogue again, was fantastic. And the personalities and the characters and their activities were fantastic! There's one thing I want to mention though. I've noticed, although your characterization and your setting descriptions are fantastic! Never an overload of detail but never too little never really actually describe how your character looks. I dont think there's a single character in any of your stories that I read except maybe one or two in Someone Special and of course, the female character in Misery Business....that I know how the characters look like. I know they're handsome or pretty or whatever. But are they blonde, Brunette, or red headed? I dont know. This usually goes most with the main character. Other than that though, your stories are fantastic! You have great grammar and your world-building and character building are realy really good. Keep writing!


about 5 years ago Destiny Sweeten said:

I got hooked in at the beginning. The voice your wrote this with is strong. The details make it almost vivid. :)