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I know that happiness is temporary, I know it's dangerous to love. So...shall I just rip my heart out now, or let it be picked away at piece by piece?



almost 5 years ago Armelle Dejoie said:

Wow. This was really touching.

I wasn't -still am- not sure If this is a fictional piece or not. Like GL said, the emotions are raw.

The only problem I have is at the end. You said something like "tear myself apart at piece by piece" At in this sense is unnecessary and I feel that it took away some magic in the ending.

Love gl

almost 5 years ago GL said:

I liked the raw emotion in this, and I thought the way you chose to write this was every intersting and creative.


almost 5 years ago writersblock101 said:

Wow, this is amazing! I loved the way you formatted it, and great job expressing emotions! Great work!:)


almost 5 years ago Julia said:

Really loved the format, feeling, and emotion expressed throughout this story! Amazing!


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