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*ON HIATUS PENDING REVISION/REWRITE* Wonderfall girls don't stay long. Though sometimes they want to. And sometimes, they even try to come back. For National Novel Writing Month. Warning: Here there be sparsely edited text.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel


Black bird

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about 5 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Chpater 3-4:

Quick note: For some reason, Chapter 4 repeats twice. You'll just want to delete the second half.

Anywho.... I'm still very much charmed by this story. Conner seems very intriguing with his artwork, but I love the chapter describing what it was like for them to arrive at the house for the first time. Little shoeless people! How cute! The air mattress and the coffee and sanwiches sound cozy; I also understand how Lore feels about not feeling like she should be happy. I haven't got my own place yet, but when I was in the dorms, I still had that kind of feeling. The best part is when it goes away so you can enjoy newfound freedom, haha.


about 5 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

I love it. Seriously, I'm so excited about this story. I love the first chapter where Elias gives us an introduction of what Shoreline is like. I feel like it's the perfect setting for something fantastic to happen and I can't wait to roam around with the characters. I also like meeting Lorelei and finding out about her chore-and-breakfast habits with the boys - and her constant desire to float away (whether literal or metaphorical, I can't wait to find out). Great start! :D


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