Nanowrimo 2012

Nanowrimo 2012

58 chapters / 71298 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


Briony wears a key around her neck. It was dropped by a half-drowned boy on a beach. She doesn't know what the key unlocks, but she knows there are people who want it...



about 5 years ago Jackie S. Falcon said:

Like I said on this story on your other profile (I guess you got the glitch somewhat worked out?) Bellamy is mine. I'm hopelessly in love. :P


about 5 years ago Madeline Gaunt said:

Bellamy is just lovely


about 5 years ago CloakedInDarkness said:

Chapter 58 just totally blew my mind, I was not expecting it at all! That was a great twist c:


about 5 years ago Rebecca Dare said:

BELLAMY, BELLAMY!!!! Add more soon please to ease my hungry appetite for books, especially this one!


Me 1963

about 5 years ago Linda D said:

Pg 48 Briony wanted to ask Mrs. Dallimore how old she was and if she had any suitors. Wouldn’t she first be asking where Mr. Dallimore was? How does she know she’s a widow?

50 – She seemed drugged – Impossible to walk in a straight line – resting her forehead against the bars – all subtle suggestions – very clever if that’s what you are trying to do.

Pg 51 – Yep, drugged – the subtle hints in the chapter previous lay the groundwork perfectly

She lay in the bath until noon – (At first) absently watched the steam rise -because if she is lounging in the bath for a long time – the steam only lasts for the first 10 mins or so.

Pg 52 – Agnes didn’t say it was Bellamy – how does she know to want to get into the stunning dress? “too embarrassed to say she was in agony” – ah, the price of vanity and revenge.

“I’ve brought her” – yet nothing in the next chapter suggested that Robin had informed Hugh to expect her or that Hugh had requested the interview.

Pg 55 –“ … to the city to tell me (he’s be) giving me to Hugh.”

“She wanted to pull open his shirt, quick before he could stop her” – Do it!! Too funny.

And, yes that WAS SO SATISFYING reading 10 pages…but, here I am dangling once more.