Iron and Spice

Iron and Spice

5 chapters / 8462 words

Approximately 42 minutes to read


When a mistake opens the world of the Greys to Hazel Mae Stone, she is completely unprepared to discover the existence of basically everything she'd ever heard or read of.
Now in the care of the kind vampire who has been waiting a very long time for her, Hazel must learn to survive in a world where mortals are commonly looked down upon. A world within our own.


Novel, Adventure, Romance



over 4 years ago Heidi L. said:

I read the first chapter for the swap. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is my type of thing; I wasn't very interested. Also, although this was nicely written, the beginning was a little confusing. It was almost as if you were jumping perspectives.


over 4 years ago Patty Pimperstin said:

Pretty cool idea for a story, I have to say! I like Henrik's character in particular. I read the first 3 chapters, & I have to say that the 1st is the one that got me hooked! My recommendation would be to edit the dialogue-some of it sounds unrealistic or doesn't seem to flow well. Other than that, very good so far! Like I said, 1st chapter in particular was great! I might have to come back for more!

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over 4 years ago Becky Gasper said:

I love the plot of your story. Really cool idea.


over 4 years ago Sydney Stapleton said:

I didn't like this too much. You write really well and you have great descriptions, but the story didn't hold me.


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