Laws of Dis(at)traction

Laws of Dis(at)traction

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As writers, we tend to find people fascinating. Or is that only me? There are so many interesting people in this world and I am so intrigued by their mannerisms and their emotional spectrums that I get sucked right in. I want to walk up to some random person and say "Hello, my name is..."


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about 4 years ago Coldwelth said:

Very true.


over 6 years ago Charlotte Hennessey said:



almost 7 years ago Claudia Starshine said:

Woah. This is really great. Far above most poems I have read here, and otherwise as well. I love the overarching metaphor for charisma, as well as the opening character of a person trying to maintain it but ultimately fizzling out. The rhymes help it to flow so well as well as all of the little devices you use. The only non-terrific thing about it is that it ends too soon. Or maybe that's just me reading it too fast.

Banksy, dorthy

almost 7 years ago Jessica Tahoe said:

Luv it! Write more! You should check out my writings. I could use some insight


Blue-eyed kitten

over 6 years ago Josie Violin said:

^-^ That was really pretty!! It was GORGEOUS!! I loved all of the imagery, and the descriptions. Just fabulous! I especially loved the ending. You did a very nice job writing this poem. Keep writing, John! ^-^

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almost 7 years ago Tyler Dillon said:

Again, great work John. I could see your style evolving yet again, and I loved it. The way you make your poems flow so perfectly, like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, still mystifies me a bit. Better keep up the good work, cause you continue to set a high standard :D