1 chapter / 488 words

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Thanks to Spooks Nevermore for the gorgeous cover! Okay, the girl who's filming (Liza) is schizophrenic! I did have it at the end, but it didn't sound right, so I took it out. This is my entry for the Seventeen Mag Contest! And to everyone who says to add more detail; I have a 500 word limit. Shush, it's the best I can do until the contest is over.



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almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

Creepy and WONDERFUL. An excellent piece.



over 3 years ago Bay Firren said:

That was very creepy, and well-written. The ending was surprising, but admittedly, the summary did spoil it for me. It was very confusing, but in a good way; that made it all the more creepy.

Emo angel

almost 5 years ago Kila said:

I was reading the very end and my very reaction was "What?" It was a tad bit confusing but I liked it. The title doesn't really go with it that much.