The Mirror

The Mirror

1 chapter / 491 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A psychotic girl finally listens to her stuffed animal in which she creates a whole new world in a mirror of her asylum cell room.
Some people may not want to read this due to maybe personal experiences or the thoughts in which this content contains. If you are gutty enough to read, then do so. Spread the word. I am a horror writer so please no negative critique about how it is too disturbing, because that is the point of horror.
Enjoy the story however I worked hard on it for two hours.


about 2 years ago Natalia said:

That was a really good story!!! i honestly loved it!!!!can you do me a favor though im new and i was wondering if we could swap?


almost 5 years ago Shirley Lu said:

love your story! swap maybe? please read "a successful investigation" and heart it if you like it! thanks!


almost 5 years ago Patty Pimperstin said:

Hearted yours! If you want to swap, please check out "The Springtime Sacrifice" on my page & heart it if you like it! :)


almost 5 years ago Chantel Dildy said:

This was a really good read and kind of creepy at the same time but I like creepy! Will love to see more!


about 2 years ago Natalia said:

Wow that was really good!! i really have nothing to say that would make it better!!


about 5 years ago Morgan Brady said:

One word plain and simple amazing !!