I dream to be....a model

I dream to be....a model

1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This is a very true story, about my self-esteem issues, and how I've started to over come them. ***Cover made by Saga Kolbrun***



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over 4 years ago Samantha Salazar said:

I'll be quite honest, I didn't really LOVE this story. It's a cliche concept that almost every girls feels; the pressure of society's expectation to be model gorgeous makes us all hate ourselves. It's a very true statement and I commend you for writing about it. I like how personal the story was for you, but I felt very little emotion towards it because we're all growing up and we grow into our own skin eventually. I also don't like the idea of models because they make the rest of the female population feel bad, and if this was what made you feel bad in the story, then wanting to become one, though to make you feel better, would make other beautiful people not feel so beautiful like those models did to you at a young age.

There were technical errors, commas where they shouldn't be and such, but everything else was alright besides very simplistic sentences.

This review wasn't meant to tear this story apart in any way, it's just my personal opinion, and I still hope that you do well in this contest.

I am, though, very happy that you feel better about yourself. There's something beautiful about everyone and for you to realize how amazing you are at such a young age is a blessing.... I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm not the biggest pile of ugly to curse the Earth.

Great job and best of luck to you. :)

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over 4 years ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:

This is an amazing story to convey a message so powerful! I really agree with this, we all don't realize that we're beautiful. Instead, we keep hating ourselves for every little flaw and it just brings our self-esteem down. Great job with this! I really like the tone and sophistication. I think you could've added more detail, but I know this is for a contest. After the contest, you could really build on this. Again, fabulous job and best of luck in the contest!