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The final moments of someones life. Destroying all she'd ever known....Her love.


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over 4 years ago Vanessa Ford said:

Wow! I didn't expect that... I like the personification of the blade :) It's just so, I don't know, original :P


almost 5 years ago Mae Asare said:

Wow, this is really intense! You did an amazing job with making it emotional. Well done :)


almost 5 years ago I Am The Dark Lord Satan said:

Sorry It took so long! This was a really good read:3


almost 5 years ago Anica Ivanitz said:

Whoa. I can't believe how deep and painful this is to read. One of my best friends cuts. It was beautiful and I loved it. If you have any clue what I'm saying, I don't believe that the knife was, "The savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned."



almost 5 years ago Nikki Cee said:

This was really different from all the other entries I've read for BloodStarlight. Really unique! I love the fact that you managed to capture the emotions between Ashton and the razer blade. :-)

However, I would have liked a bit of a back story of Ashton and why he felt the way he did. This would clarify a lot of things and questions that I had lingering in my head.

Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable piece. :D

Aspiring author

about 5 years ago Destiny Renee said:

Holy. Lord. That was amazing. Original. Touching. Sad. Terrible. It created shivers that ran down my back & tears welled up in my eyes! Your details showed what an amazing author you are. Also, your use of personification was one of the best I've ever seen, even among published pieces. I love how the knife was telling the story. It really gave a different feeling than if it had been from a human being's point of view. Honestly, this is one of the best things I've ever read. Just wow. By the way, loved the gore.