The Lint Games

The Lint Games

1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


I wrote this story for the Seventeen Magazine Contest. Please heart, read, comment, and review!!
Jimmy is a quirky and witty ball of lint has to fight a bully paper clip. The grammar may seem a little off but I did that on purpose to add a unique voice to the character. Enjoy! :D


Action, Adventure, Comedy
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about 2 hours ago Arabella Starr said:

WHY? It was definitely unique and funny, but the writing was a bit stilted and I was wondering why the adventures of a ball of lint was one of the best stories on Figment. :) Not a bad story, just not epic/amazing.


8 months ago Carley Ackland said:

This is serious, clever, funniness going on! Kids would be completely inspired to read, should there more of this on the shelves of the library!


about 1 year ago Wendiann Alfieri said:

Haha This is funny! I can't stop I'll think twice when I vacuum up lint...


almost 2 years ago Naleah Schmitz said:

that was sooooooooo awesome



almost 3 years ago CookieBlarg said:

so funny! Love it!

Captain goob-arica

almost 4 years ago Susanna Torres said:

I loved this! it had no problem with originality, and I really liked the way it was told in the first person.