The V.P.

The V.P.

1 chapter / 1163 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


The has world become the property of one corporation, Virtual Planet. Please listen to this tape, if nothing else but to help others understand why I did what I did. **A finalist in the Rootless Short-Story Contest**


Writing, Short Story



almost 5 years ago Kira Martin said:

I like this idea so far. Great job on this. Keep writing!


almost 5 years ago Nicky Lang said:

This was a great story. From the first paragraph, you enticed me to read more. This was a great piece. Keep it up!


almost 5 years ago Nikki Cee said:

This was really well-written. I love the imagery as well. Keep up the good work. :3

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almost 6 years ago Theresa Rose said:

oooooo! I really liked how you wrote this!! Great job!!



almost 5 years ago Nganga Naima said:

awesome job. Loved your details, and creation of imagery. wonderful job. I was hooked from the word go! Your descriptions gave me a clear picture of what was happening. kudos:)

Beautiful disaster

about 5 years ago Alex Brooke said:

Woah, you drew me in from the beginning. Very brilliant way to make your piece stand out in the contest, making it a recording I mean, You explained enerything amazingly, to the point that I could totally picture all of this going on. ONe thing that I'd change if I were you is that you should probably go into more detail about the RP and about the lies that were going on about Piper in the news, because both of those definatly striked my curiousity. With a little more detail about those, I think this piece could be flawless. Great job, and good luck in the contest:)