Let Him Go

Let Him Go

1 chapter / 635 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


For the contest: Days of Blood and Starlight.
How could you have let him go?



about 5 years ago Julia Rae June said:

Thanks for the feedback on my story good luck in the contest this was really good.


about 5 years ago melanie mills said:

Good job and good luck in the contest!


about 5 years ago Michelle Chapman said:

Hey, I'm entered in the seventeen contest, and I'm willing to trade a heart for a heart. I know some people aren't into the whole bribing for hearts thing, but the only way to get into the meat of the contest is to do so. Help a fellow writer out? Happy holidays. :)


about 5 years ago Leafwing said:

I haven't read many stories in second person, so this immediately caught my attention. I like how the reader really is put into the shoes of the main character, and this was a pretty relatable story even without second person. Good luck in the contest!


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