Roxanne and the Blue Rose

Roxanne and the Blue Rose

12 chapters / 39773 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


"COMPLETED" Roxanne has always been sick because of a serious heart disease. During a trip with her family to France, for an experimental heart surgery, they visit Euro Disney. Roxanne then desides to visit a gift store in order to buy presents for her friends. But who is this strange boy who is a little rude and that man, dressed in caribean clothes who help her in the store? And why did they give her a beautiful necklace with a shining blue rose, made from a blue diamond?

But from the moment she gets out from the store she realizes that the sky has turned black and the people have fallen asleep. What's more pirates are hunting her and she is saved by Jack Sparow and Tinkerbell, until they reach the Ship on the Land of Adventure which is going to fly with the help of Peter Pan. Why are they together and why do they need so desperately her help?

This story began from my cousins who wanted a combination of all Disney characters. So i created a new enviroment around charecters of my imagination and they work together with the Disney heroes!



over 4 years ago Olivia Williams said:

Good Ideas! If you work on sentence structure a little, this will be great!

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almost 5 years ago RumbleroarRedvines said:

Wow, this is beautiful.


almost 5 years ago Ryanne Kap said:

Pretty good! I like your definitive voice as a writer


almost 5 years ago Caroline Hart said:

Nice work! I love your writing style.


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almost 5 years ago Alexandra Perchanidou said:

The first chapter of my new story. I hope you like it!