The Pressure of Perfection

The Pressure of Perfection

6 chapters / 2342 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


It is not finished yet, I plan to add alot more to it.Please review it and tell me what you think or what mistakes I made.
When a young girl experiences a terrible tragedy, will she have the strength to let go of her dreams, or will she crumble under the pressure?



almost 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

This is a really unique idea. You started an interesting way that really made me want to read more. I was totally not expecting her brother to do that, so nice twist, though I hope we get to know more about him later. Nice job!


almost 5 years ago Chantel Dildy said:

I really liked the plot of this story and the details that you used. There were a few grammatical errors but nothing that took away from the story. I would love to read more from you.... I really did like where this story was going. Please keep writing!!


almost 5 years ago DJV said:

Keep trying! It's a great idea


almost 5 years ago Kaiti G said:

Woah, this was intense! Keep going on it, it's really good!! If you have some free time, think you'd mind returning the favor and reading my short story "Maiden of the Moon" and leave some feedback for me? Thanks so much, and keep writing!:)



almost 5 years ago NinjaArtist said:

This is really awesome. I like how Katelyn lives for perfection, but Kol wanted to be free from it all. Good plot and back story from what I read so far. I love the suspense and the detail of the car crash. Its like you can really see it happening.I like how you put it in slow motion. Then silence breaks. Really beautiful. I saw a few grammatical errors, but they were minor. Could you read 'Dreaming Magically' and review it in return? It takes about 4 minutes to read. It would help me out a lot.


almost 5 years ago E. L. Jenae said:

This is amazing so far. The only thing is there are words left out of many sentences, and early on you spell Kol two different ways, but that's minor and wouldn't take but a second readover of your writing. Can't wait to read more, and good luck in the contest!