Whitney Remmer

Whitney Remmer

2 chapters / 271 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Completed short story.



almost 3 years ago Nganga Naima said:

Nice story! But I would suggest showing more than telling. Otherwise, good job :)


almost 3 years ago Cat Seaver said:

I feel bad for the MC i agree that it didn't really connect to the reader well, but not bad(:



almost 3 years ago LaLaLove507 said:

I did feel quite bad for her and her predicament, but I feel like it didn't really connect well with the reader. I wish there was more to go on, really.

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almost 3 years ago Kristen said:

I feel bad for the M.C. It's sad...



almost 3 years ago Sophia Davis said:

It was sad and interesting! But you had some grammatical errors and it just didn't flow right in some areas. Try reading it aloud and you might be able to work out most of the errors. I wish you the best of luck in your writing!

~Sophia :)